(Music Monday) Favorite Find: Sidney Gish!

I have been listening to some great artists for months, and honestly forgot that I had this part of my blog to mention my new favorite people!

At the end of January, I listened to All Songs Considered’s episode called “8 New Artists to Watch for in 2018.” Bob Boilen talked to NPR hosts across the country to hear their favorite newbies, and there were a few that caught my ear!

One was Sidney Gish from Boston – her sound is so unique and the lyrics are very creative! They are more like a young girl telling stories and using the way she normally speaks. For example, one of my faves is from a song called I Eat Salads Now: bitch I’m wasted. Just kidding I’m high. We’re gonna go to a show and then come and probably die.” I started laughing out loud and it got stuck in my head for weeks! The canter in which she sings this part is also intriguing – it goes up and down in melody, but then the last part sounds rushed and off tempo. It really works with the upbeat music! I Eat Salads Now is on the music sidebar

Another great lyric from Sin Triangle is two faced bitches never lie, and therefore I never lie. Diagram this sin triangle for me tonight because I don’t now what to say.” I mean, who calls themselves a two faced bitch ha?! 😮

Her new album “No Dogs Allowed” has a variety of entertaining songs about things she is experiencing as a 20-year-old, which really brings me back to my younger partying days! She also mixes in strange old recordings, like in Sin Triangle and Bird Tutorial – there is a record about personality, and how to train a bird to talk. It adds her style and something to get you thinking!

She also has a previous album out called “Ed Buys Houses,” which I need to check out on her Bandcamp page 🙂



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