Everybody wants to be a CAT!

Hannah has been bringing back her inner child by watching “dis-knee” movies. She has showed me Mulan and Emperor’s New Groove so far – they involved a lot of singing and laughing on her part 🙂

This past weekend, she saw me meditating and I was smiling, as you would if you were picturing a vast landscape of fresh air and birds! She snapped a shot and sang “everybody wants to be a cat.” Being curious of these fantastically true words, I used her “compootr” to see where it was from. I decided to change the song to be about me!

Everybody wants to be Patch

Because Patches the only cat who knows where to nap

When greetin’ mom he always has a welcome mow

‘Cause everybody told him how

Everybody! Everybody! Everybody wants be Patch!

I hope you enjoyed that change 🙂 My life is so relaxing and satisfying. How could someone not want to be a creature that sleeps and is fed all day? And have someone who cuddles them and gives them a home?

4 thoughts on “Everybody wants to be a CAT!

  1. Hi Patches!!! It’s been a long time since your mama has posted anything about you!! Glad you like Disney!! I introduced Paladin to “Batman and Robin” along with their pal,”Catwoman”. He says she is the cheetah’s meow


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