Broadening Boundaries for Brunch

Nathan and I used to eat at the same two spots in our neighborhood, one being IHOP. A few weeks ago, we realized it was time to discover a new place! We did our googling and Nathan found this delicious-sounding French cafe. We threw on our clothes and strolled into the heart of town.

The minute we walked in, it smelled amazing and had a very cute vibe. It reminded me of restaurants we went to back home. We ordered a pan de chocolat to share, and some coffee (the mugs were huge and didn’t have handles!). We looked for things that made this place unique – Nathan got sweet potato and bean toast, and I ordered the mini pancakes 🙂

It was all scrumdidliumpsious! This will definitely be our new spot for brunch a few times a month. We had already been back and the waitress remembered us 😮 I got a quinoa, kale, and egg power bowl, which was fantastic! We plan to try new things each time, and the menu is seasonal so we won’t run out of options. We have already been back and the waitress remembered us 😮

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