New stretches, “new body”

I finally have a physical therapist again! Apparently, the stretches I was doing before were straining certain parts of my shoulders. And I didn’t really have neck stretches to do.

He told me to support my arms while I am driving (rest arms on chair or window), altered my theraband stretches for my shoulders, and given me simple neck stretches. if I do them every day, I can tell that it is helping – even from only a week! I just have to stick to it if I want to see results, which is the annoying thing. I have started to do the neck ones while sitting in traffic and I am remembering to support my arms as well. The theraband is the one that is more of an effort, and it is hurts because it is awakening muscles that have been compensated for by my upper body. I know that this will show progress, so it is in the back of my mind to try to do them every day.

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