Favorite Find: Tuneyards

Through an episode of a music podcast called “Sound Opinions,” I discovered my new favorite band! Tuneyards have a sound that just makes me want to move – it is very upbeat with interesting rhythms and repetitive lyrics that are pertinent to the current political era.

The song that has been an ear worm since I first heard it is called Heart Attack. I was sucked in right from the start with the loud and interesting timbre of singing.

The song whose lyrics made me think the most is called ABC 123:

I ask myself what should I do ?

But all I know is white centrality

My country served me horror coke

My natural freedom up in smoke”

“I called you up because we had a great connection

You couldn’t hear me cause of NSA protection

But we’ll unite before the very next election

No abstentions, vote the ABCS”

An article from The Guardian said Merrill Garbus (the main singer) “wrestles thorny issues of race, privilege and platform on her fourth.”

Another song called Now as then:

” don’t trust me

that I won’t take all the money and run.

I’m just a shelf of myself

I might just take all the money.

I don’t wanna be a woman if it 

means not being human.

I know then as now

I know I’m not to be trusted”

Here is a video of the band members, Merrill Garbus and Nate Brenner, creating the album “I can feel you creep into my private life”, which I found interesting.

I have only listened to their newest album so far, but I think this band is fantastic and revolutionary with some of the sounds created with synthesizers and effects!



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