Intensity pays off!

Last week was the most stressful and overworked week of my teacher career so far..!

We had Monday off due to President’s Day, so…

Tuesday was a blur trying to get caught up on what was missed and kids who were out of town for the long weekend.

Wednesday was very long because you were setting up the room after school until about 7 pm.

The intensity built up and fused on Thursday when you worked during your lunch to complete the finishing touches as well as the afternoon and early evening frantically making sure everything is finalized. Then it is the blur of a math and science night, in which you dealt with technical issues with the music and Powerpoint combination while playing it off as peachy keen in front of the parents congregating in your room (some of whom include the principal, head of school, and large donor).

Taking pictures while helping some of the younger children use the lasers and mirrors as well as focusing on the rest of the room and your group members is how you spend the two frantic 30 minute sessions. Until the event is finished and you rip down the decor in about 2 minutes, and try not to pass out when driving home 😮

Phew! That was a mouthful to type!

I have never had that much “on game” teaching time..during my lunches, staying at school late two nights in a row.

To recover, this weekend has been spent relaxing and sleeping twelve hours (in bed by 9 pm ha). The event was fun and the kids enjoyed themselves, which is all that matters really 🙂

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