Dog days of Adulthood

If adulthood was a dog, it would be a mutt with a peppy personality that sometimes becomes aggressive in certain situations. It would be a fluffy love nugget that could bite your head off at any given moment. This dog would be named BRUCE, but his owner calls him “brucykins.

Bridging social circles


Unique interests



He would want you to be home all the time, but also need you to provide for his expensive tastes – thus, forcing you to be at work. He would want you to drive him everywhere, but also be nice to the environment that he loves so much. BRUCE would bite you any time it was tough with finances or you thought about how much you want to see your friends. BRUCE believes he is in control and should always be in your thoughts.

As you continue your time with BRUCE, different sides of him shine through. He might eventually be less bothered by you working more, but then believes that you should be able to spend more as well. On the other hand, he may like it when you are relaxing together, but suddenly snap that you are constantly sitting around and not out and about enough. You will have to decide which parts of BRUCE you can live with and which parts you need to suppress.

You must become the alpha-dog to adulthood because it is ultimately your life!


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