Patches: Private Paw (Day 4/31 March SOL)

Hannah has stepped away from her laptop for a minute, so it is my turn to share a slice of my furry life 

Mom is always assuming my responses to things..! She is usually right but I am perfectly capable of meowing my opinion. I am a 13 year old man who has lived through more than she knows. I had a whole secret life before she adopted me a few years ago. The shelter told her my family gave me up because they moved. However, in reality, I gave them up because they learned too much. I love Hannah very much and she never pries into my past life – I think she wants to pretend that I was only ever hers. Sometimes though I think she is figuring out my “mow code.” She reacts quickly when I need things and responds with her own meowing which shocks me at times! I believe Hannah could make an important addition to the Feline Bureau. Must sign off..I’ve already purred too much.

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