Life is always lurching along!

There are so many things that seemed far off in the distance months ago or even a year ago (moving, graduation, end of the school year, a different move, and friends visits). Now, huge bits and pieces have come and gone without notice!

Life zooms by whether you are ready for it or not. Sometimes you really want moments to speed up like tough assignments or stretches of boredom. HOWEVER, the busier you are, the quicker life feels.

I can’t believe Nathan is already done with his masters program, and the school year is in its last few weeks 😮 It seems like yesterday that we just moved here to start our new chapters, but also feels eons ago when I think of all the different memories we have had! 🙂

I always say and try to live each day rather than think of the future – but there were necessary moments of planning in May. Without planning, my life could turn into chaos so I’m not putting down organizational. Life just needs to take a walk on the mellow side for a while. If future science ever creates a time continuum changer, I would definitely use it to slow things down.

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