Mini Milestones of Moving

Everyone knows that moving house, even if it is pretty close, can still take a toll. You spend days and nights packing all your stuff, as well as organizing trucks and movers just for a few hours. It seems odd that so much of moving is actually not the physical move itself. The process fills and stresses your mind, making sure that you are constantly thinking of things that need to get done or something you can’t forget before the new lease begins.

Luckily for me, Nathan and I have plowed through the moving process and it has already been a week since we moved to our new apartment. As of yesterday…WE OFFICIALLY UNPACKED ALL THE BOXES!  Now we can enjoy the amenities of the complex and the new neighborhood in which we live.

Our apartment has started to feel lived in already, with furniture set up and wifi connected. We have been catching up shows now that Nathan is able to take breaks again..(#graduated). We also used the pool and sauna this past weekend 🙂 This might be hard to swallow, but I was excited about the first time we used the coin laundry! As spoiled as it may sound, I have always had in-unit washer/dryer so discovering the timing and availability of the laundry room is new and intriguing 😮 And tonight, we just completed our first grocery shop at the local store that is walking distance from our place!

I know it may seem silly to be thrilled by washing clothes and buying food; however, when it is part of an experience to feel completely settled in, I just live for it 😀 The first weekend after we moved was Memorial Day, which allowed us to have an extra day off work to explore. We ate out every night in the local restaurants and drove to nearby malls for any apartment necessities. It was of course still part of the overall adventure, but I often get more enthused about where I live once you have done a regular/mundane task that you used to do in your old neck of the woods.

Now that these firsts have come and gone, the more adventurous parts of the neighborhood will stick out and I will make sure to share them with you 😉

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