“Time may change me, but I can’t trace time” 

Mommy Hannah loves this David Bowie man’s music, and she told me I had to use the quote and title of a song since the post is about the mow-ve.

I am absolutely loving where we drove to and they took everything out of brown cube things! I was worried when they put me in the blue cage of doom, but Hannah kept saying everything was going to be fine. Fine? How about fine and dandy! There are fluffy floors and new smells in every corner of this place 😮 AND pretty soon after we got here, Mommy and Nathan carried a new huge comfy thing in the door. I think I sit here more than even the fluffy floors 🙂

Sometimes, I meow a lot in the night or early morning but only because I want someone to open the windows and doors and come hang out on the huge comfy thing with me. I hope we never leave this place!  


It’s also been way too long since I have taken free reign of the black box for typing. Now that it is Summertime for Mommy, I will have more time to sit with her and write my purring heart out!

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