School’s Out for Summer

I cannot believe my first full year of teaching is done! It feels like yesterday that I moved to a new state and started new teacher orientation – BUT that was last August..!

Time flies when you are constantly planning and each day is a whirlwind of grading and student interactions. The past few weeks were the most intense out of the entire school year..BY FAR. I was at school until 7 pm for an entire week 😮 We had an open house night for the parents, and there was so much that needed to be put up on the bulletin boards and walls. AND I helped my coteacher grade essays over the weekend (spent 5 hours at her house and graded almost half of them). This last week was only until Wednesday, which was a much needed break. But I went to bed early or was consistently tired each of those three days. 

Enough complaining about the exhaustion ha!

I loved the Grade 5 Team of teachers as well as the students – we did lots of yearbook signings and parting gifts. It really brought back all the fun times and memories with the students. One thing that being always on recess/lunch duty helps is my relationship with the children. We have many silly moments from outside the classroom that as a lead teacher I would not be getting (because they are less involved during playtime). I am very glad to have a few months off, but will miss the routine of seeing the smiling faces and working with my amazing teacher team. Next year, I am moving to the Grade 3 team to see a variation of teaching styles. I look forward to what the new lead has to offer, and will definitely still hang out with my Grade 5 teachers outside of school as they became some of my closest friends!

3 thoughts on “School’s Out for Summer

  1. I can totally relate to this last term being the hardest. I still have 5 weeks left! It is crazy how much we have to try to fit into our working weeks. What with reports, data and planning that’s without taking into account the school events such as sports day and health and fitness fortnight. Enjoy your break everyone, we deserve the rest! J.

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