Favorite Find: Angelo De Augustine

My newest listen on repeat reminds me of a mix between Sufjan Stevens and Adam Torres. Angelo De Augustine has a mellow tone of voice with a beautiful tenor, acoustic sound. I first heard his song, “Carcassone,” on All Songs Considered and realized that this artist had to be on my watch! I bought the album, Swim Inside The Moon, and have been listening to him on Spotify as well. There is something about the way he sings that instantly calms the mind 🙂

“On My Way Home” has a catchy guitar riff that just makes you smile – it also came on while I was actually driving home one day, which made me laugh with the accuracy!

“Carcassone” is written about a girl he likes who wasn’t able to come with him on tour, so he wrote about a place she wanted to visit. The romance and truth in this song is very charismatic. Angelo is quoted saying, “I wrote this song for her so that she could go to Carcassonne anytime she’d like.”

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