Smoothies and Scramble = Successful Start

When Nathan and I moved apartments last month, I kept saying we need to get a blender – “I really want to make smoothies!” It could have stayed a thought or a dream, but we did buy a single cup blender for pretty cheap. I had some strawberries that were a bit squishy to eat on their own..BUT I realized they would be great for smoothies 🙂

The smoothie craze began with a dollop of yogurt, splash of milk, and sparkle of strawberries. I made breakfast smoothies for a week straight! I experimented with honey versus sugar, but was only using the fruit I had at home already.

One day I saw the eggs had a few days left to be good, and I just knew an omelette and a smoothie would be a satisfying meal. *** Something hit me – I felt amazing and wasn’t as hungry throughout the day. I won’t be able to start every morning this way due to work, but every once in a while will do wonders!

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