Tip-toed through Rough Roads

A few days ago, Nathan and I just finished a road trip! We went back to my parents to get more of our furniture (which did not fit in the small van we drove down with Patches) – BUT this time, we wanted to embellish the driving with fun stops along the way 🙂 We took a longer, but mellower route through areas we had never been before. We stopped in Deschutes National Forest the first day, Reno the second day, Lake Tahoe and a hot springs the third day, and then focused on driving/games the final day.

The adventure came from not knowing where we were going to sleep as well as driving a 12 foot moving truck 😮 It really added to the adrenaline at times! We seemed to get the last room available in most of the towns we stopped in – but always got a drink or some late night grub at the local bar to add to the overall atmosphere. Nathan and I took turns driving the truck (DAY 1-> we switched off about halfway, DAY 2-> I drove all the way, DAY 3-> Nathan drove, DAY 4-> I drove). Nathan drove pretty treacherous routes into Lake Tahoe as well as the hot springs, which was fully driving on a dirt road ha!

Overall, the trip had a good variety of outdoor adventures, small towns, quaint motels, and fun memories. Enjoy some pictures of the highlights 😀

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