“pain” with a capital P

Pain, pain go away

Don’t come back another day!

If you do, I don’t care

I’ll pretend you are not there.

Living with Chronic Pain hinders my daily life in a way that most will never understand – it has been so long that I have dulled the pain to an annoyance. HOWEVER, it is constantly sore and much more than annoying. My shoulders and neck just ache and ache and ache! (which affects my mood and sleep and overall energy) I am often distracted from it throughout my day by teaching, but once I get home or even in the car, I realize all the pain that has been “hidden.”

I have gone to numerous chiropractors and physical therapists and gotten X-rays. They all say there is nothing visibly or physically wrong, and to simply continue using heat and stretching. I was given muscle relaxants the last time, which was new, but I don’t want to become too reliant on those for relief…

As I write this post, I am laying on my bed with an aching back and shoulders that need support with a pillow. I have used heat and am drinking an herbal tea. I also took a muscle relaxer since I will be heading to sleep somewhat soon. I’m not sure if the pain subsides with the pill or if I just get so tired that my mind doesn’t focus on it.

Please share any chronic pain or physical issues you are dealing with in the comments (whether they are tough to heal or not). We need to support each other and building a community of people who understand can help us all!

4 thoughts on ““pain” with a capital P

  1. I have fibromyalgia and have chronic pain. I have a cocktail of meds that take the edge off, but do little to remove it. The best thing I have found is aquatic therapy. I just have to listen to my body and not over do it. I hope you get some relief soon.!


  2. I am also living with fibromyalgia. I am a big fan of acupuncture, myofascial release, my Quell medical device, and a home Shiatsu Back & Neck Massager. It doesn’t make me pain-free but some days is the difference between functioning and not functioning.

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