Gobsmacked about Golden Hornet’s record!

While picking the 12 songs to make the cut for the November playlist (soon to be posted on the sidebar!), I rediscovered the intriguing sound of the Golden Hornet record entitled “The Sound of Science!”

The album consists of “Jeffrey Zielger, Foday Musa Suso, Paola Prestini, Graham Reynolds, Yuka C. Honda, Maja S.K. Ratjke, Felipe Perez Santiago, Sarah Lipstate and each of the scientists they selected to write works on” (newmusicusa.org)

The artists are piecing together songs based on famous scientists and mathematicians from Marie Curie, Katherine Johnson, George Washington Carver, Jill Tarter, and more. Each song is a long orchestral medley of emotions and wonder 🙂

The song that started this whole craze for me is “Quest” – it was played on All Songs Considered and made it in the November playlist. After the thrill of listening to the whole album on Spotify, I think “Pastaza” and “The Brain” are next in line. However, each piece has many developments and turns throughout the 5-8 minutes, so it is hard to kick the rest to the curb.

I would recommend this album to anyone who wants to increase their music knowledge and really become one with your hearing. There are so many subtleties in each song, and if your brain is not feeling sharp, you might not appreciate this in its entirety.


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