The Tell-All About Typing

I amt typing this sfor speed not acfraucy (5.21 seconds)

I am typing this for accuracy, not speed. (9.55 seconds)

my students think speed is better han accuracy (7.28 seconds)

I think accuracy is more important than speed. (11.02 seconds)

I do not need to look at the keyboard to know where the keys are. (11.21 seconds)

However, my students look because they do not know where the keys are. (13.13 seconds)

During technology class, the students were able to play typing games when they were finished with the assignment. I wanted to see how fast my typing speed and one of the students didn’t mind if I used his account. Getting a better score than any of the students in speed and accuracy, they were all shocked 😮 I ended up doing a few student’s typing paragraphs – when I would go back to fix the mistakes as I was typing, they would say, “just finish the paragraph. don’t go back!” 

Speed is one thing that many of these typing games ingrain into the mind’s of children today. Rather than giving higher points for not messing up when typing, the games make it seem like it is more essential to be quick and somewhat correct. I also noticed that VERY FEW of my students know how to type without looking for the keys. Every day for a whole hour in Kindergarten through 6th, we had computer class and we had to type non-stop for half of the period. After first grade, my teacher would give us this sheet to cover our hands and make us type without looking. It was very important to be able to type quickly and accurately to get your thoughts on a page. 

In this day and age with all the touch screen keyboards on phones and tablets, children can type with two fingers and “do not need” to worry about memorizing the letter order and spacing. Until there are computers without keyboards at all, I am ALL ABOUT the need for typing with your eyes closed and not making any mistakes. This is essentail for teaching children how to be successful when it comes to writing emails and esays as adults. The previously italicized and underlined sentence was written with my eyes shut (only two mistakes!)

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