Meringue Merriment!

I have always wanted to explore the art of dessert, but didn’t want to deal with complicated recipes. Meringues have been on my mind for a while, and my mom said they were simple so I decided to give them a try!

My main worry was the egg whites 😮 It always looked tricky and finicky.. BUT I googled other ways besides cracking the egg and moving the contents back and forth. There was a way with a slotted spoon that seemed easy, however, I realized my spoon’s holes were too big (after one egg trial ha). In the end, I decided to cover the yolk with a tablespoon and pour out the whites. Whipping was the fun part! Slowing adding sugar and checking how grainy it was just added to the excitement 🙂 Then came time for the test!

It was getting late on a school night, and the meringues had to cool off in the hot oven. It was up to Nathan to take them out in an hour and store them in Tupperware..dun dun dun! In the morning, I got a pleasant surprise of seeing them and taking a bite before work 🙂 This was a fun experience, and I definitely want to try other flavors and shapes!

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