Monday Mewsings

*yawning* It has been too long since my paws have touched the button pusher that makes words! 

Mom went away for the holiday that requires a decorated tree, and then was taking new things out of her bag with wheels and “getting rid of clutter” – I’m just glad I was not one of those she put in a bag and took to the well of good 😮 

Anyway, while she was away, I found myself in the care of a friendly man in the evenings. He showed up one day with Mom, and she showed him where I eat and the snuggly bed; and the next thing I knew, he was here and she had left. I enjoyed the quiet around the place during the days (Nathan and Mom like to sit with me and talk to me for hours on end!) And the nights were pretty similar except this man would come and give me food and sleep on Nathan and Mom’s pillows with me.


This demon appeared in my litterbox one day and told me that I would be haunted until Mom and Nathan came home – this made me very anxious so I kept licking and licking until I required this (put picture of Patch in his cone) 

The man who was staying with me turned mean at times as well…! He would grab me and inject this disgusting tasting goo into my mouth multiple times a day :/ But he would always give me yummy nuggets afterwards, so I wasn’t fully convinced that the demon sent him. Mom and Nathan came back soon after that, and they also gave me the nasty goo for a bit – but then I went to this kind lady in all white and she gave me lots of yummy nuggets and told me the demon’s reign was over 😀

Now, Mom and Nathan have been home for many days and nights! Mom wakes me up when it is still dark out, but she feeds me so I usually just sit while she looks in the silver thing and uses the water hose.

Then I go back to sleep until Nathan wakes up and does the same thing. I like being back to sleeping during the day, without disgusting goo, and having everyone back home.

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