New Year! New Goals Required?

“What’s your New Year’s resolution?” “What goals are you setting for 2019?”

People often ask these questions around the end of December and first few days of January. I have seen countless Instagram and Facebook posts with #goals and #newyearsresolution after a long list of life changes. To be honest, when Nathan asked me on New Year’s Eve if I had any resolutions, my brain went blank. I don’t usually ponder about regrets from the previous year. Out of impulse, I said “actually going to classes at the gym that I pay for.”

After receiving a new tablet for Christmas, I have been exploring the new parts such as Kindle books, Alexa, and downloadable apps. There was one called “Goal Setting Calendar” that caught my eye. If I have a list or a calendar in which things are being crossed off, then tasks will get completed because I hate seeing unfinished bullets taunting me. I also love the feeling of putting a line through something or crumpling up a whole post-it of crossed off notes! EEE, I’m getting giddy just describing it haha – I am aware of the fact that I am a nerd who gets excited by organization and checking off tasks 😮

Back to the point of this post, I think this year I will actually have some goals and by using my calendar as well as a goal setting app – I will feel more accountable. I can even use my tablet helper, “Amazon,” to set reminders when I plan to complete a task. Some of my ideas for goals include doing yoga once a week as well as classes once or maybe twice at the gym (I want to stay simple and achievable). I have already started this week off by doing Yoga and it is on my calendar every Sunday at 11 am 🙂 Since it is not an early class, I will feel better about waking up to go. 8 am yoga on a weekend would never become consistent with me!

I also want to get back into reading during free time (on my lunch break at work or on the weekends). At my old daycare job, I used to read every day during naptime as well as on my lunch, which would sometimes equal almost a full two or even three hours if the children slept the whole naptime. I was getting through a book every one or two weeks and I felt more invigorated! This year, I was given a few books as presents and I have the Kindle app on my tablet, so reading is more at my fingertips.

Goals are interesting concepts because they are usually made in order to make people feel better about themselves in some way, like with losing weight due to going to the gym more or eating healthier. I do plan to go the gym more, but not for losing weight (yoga will help my chronic pain, and I find zumba/cycling classes fun). Reading can be a substitute to the amount of TV that I watch :p It can be tough in the evenings to want to be active, however, if I can get out a good book while listening to music instead of turning on shows for hours until going to bed, I will feel less like a zombie-couch potato hybrid haha.

Here’s to the start of something new and to 2019!

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