TOP 25 for 2018!

It’s been almost a month into 2019 😮 And is time to release the Top 25 songs from 2018!

There are two songs from each month and three from one of the month’s playlists. I always love the process of going back to each Top 12 playlist because it lets me rediscover the songs that I listened to throughout the year 🙂

There were definitely some rough cuts, but the final 25 from 2018 are…

  • “Bite the hand” Boygenius
  • “Cathedral” Jade Bird
  • “The Temporary Blues” The Features
  • “Digital Witness” St. Vincent
  • “Heart Attack” Tuneyards
  • “Sunset and the mockingbird” Duke Ellington
  • “Worth It” Haley Heynderickx
  • “Come Meh Way” Sudan Archives
  • “Boyfriend Repeat” Confidence Man
  • “The Other Side” Public Service Broadcasting
  • “Something like this” Gordi
  • “I’ll have to dance with Cassie” Belle and Sebastian
  • “Everything is awful” The Decemberists
  • “Whisper” serpentwithfeet
  • “I think I love you” The Suffers
  • “Boy bounce” Ginkgoa
  • “Pink in the night” Mitski
  • “I know how to speak” Manchester Orchestra
  • “Devil’s Dance” Cortex
  • “Suspirium” Thom Yorke
  • “Disorientation” Theodore
  • “Light on” Maggie Rogers
  • “Death Dance” Palaye Royale
  • “Chelsea” Bonjay
  • “TC 377 Poem” Ian William Craig

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