Figuring out finances

This year has been tough with the cost of living outweighing my incoming paychecks at times,  but I think the “universe nymphs” have decided that I have taken my toll with stress in the past few months. This week my boss has agreed to give me a raise of some sort (amount tbd), and I am now working as a part-time nanny after school for a few hours. With these two financial increases, I can breathe a little easier. It will still be tight with loans, rent, and other bills – BUT I have a plan to put some of the extra money from nannying into my savings and some to help me. It is a relief to start being able to save again! I will also be paying down my credit card, which will help lessen the stress too.

Money is a blessing and a curse. If you have plenty of money, then you feel blessed but might not be fully happy in other parts of your life. If you are constantly stressing about making ends meet, then you feel cursed and it can be hard to keep your head up and enjoy life. I am very grateful that I can start on the path towards being less financially stressed and being able to enjoy day-to-day activities 🙂

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