RDP Sunday: Paint with all the colors of your phone

Last week, I did something that used to make me scoff at other people for their stupidity. It left me feeling lost and confused. I was frustrated, yet saddened, and very inconvenienced. There were countless things that I once had at my fingertips and took for granted. I instantly went into panic and rage set in that first night. I let everyone know that communication would not be the same. I pleaded and looked for any solution I could, but it was hopeless. THE ESSENCE OF MY BEING HAD GONE DOWN THE TOILET! 

WAIT – why am I in such distress over my cell phone? Sure, there were a few memories on there and some important memos to myself that might be hard to remember – BUT the phone itself is quite replaceable and I get to start over new with choosing apps and music. It is disheartening how quickly I went into pure epidemic mode over dropping my phone into the toilet and it no longer turning on.

Technology has such a hold on us as a society that we forget how things used to be done. Not even 10 years ago was I thrilled to have a flip phone that let me text and a CD player! It is insane how reliant we are on maps and music/podcasts for entertainment while we drive. Everything shifts so quickly that we forget the privilege that we have to be able to use phones that have internet, music, maps, emails, and other countless capabilities.

Sometimes, I wish I could go back to watching Pocahontas sing “paint with all the colors of the wind” on VHS – but soon she may be a hologram in our living room.

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