Stuck in my fruit roots

When I was last at the grocery store, I saw a section of more unique fruit – dragon fruit, star fruit, passion fruit, mangoes, and some others I can’t remember as they were much too obscure ha! Seeing all the different types got me thinking about how I only ever pick up the same few fruits. I change up when I buy them, but the choices don’t vary. One month it’s apples, the next is bananas, then grapes, then strawberries – the most interesting is when I get both bananas and strawberries in the same month 😮

It is common to stick to habits or what you grew up with when it comes to eating, but there are so many varieties of fruits (and of course other food) out there to try! Nathan and I picked up passion fruit on Saturday since he is also in the same newbie boat. It was very good! An interesting texture and we had to look up how to eat it lol. It is pretty similar to an orange but very sour (we added sugar), and I think it is more meant to be added in things like sauces or on ice cream.

I’m excited to continue this quest for new fruit! AND push myself to buy new ingredients for meals as well 🙂

What interesting fruits/foods do you want to try, or have tried? Please comment below

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