(March SOL) Easy, breezy beautiful…children

“Who knew raising children was hard?!”

“I sure didn’t as a teacher and after school nanny!”

Said no one ever..

I could always see how difficult and taxing having a job and being a parent can be from observing the full-time working parents at school.

BUT now that I am working two jobs (teaching 3rd grade during the day and nannying for two kids in the afternoon/evening) – I am starting to feel worn out constantly. My brain is dead from putting on a “fun front” all day!

Also, anything you bring with you will become sticky and covered in germs 😮 My car, which I use for driving the two children around is nasty! The boy likes to sit in the front and pretend to drive while the girl grabs the book that I have in the car and my decor. There are so many crumbs in the backseat that an ant colony could live there indefinitely.

I love both my jobs, and the children are fun – but my energy level and cleanliness will never be the same lol.

First post complete for the month of March Slice of Life challenge!

10 thoughts on “(March SOL) Easy, breezy beautiful…children

  1. I can’t imagine both teaching and nannying – that’s a lot of kid time! I was a children’s librarian for eight years and I loved watching kids grow and learn, but you take it to a whole new level!


  2. Do you get any time on the weekends to recover? Two jobs of any kind can exhaust you, but that is a lot of kid time. I hope you get a little adult conversation throughout the week.

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