(March SOL) Relaxing during the morning routine

Mow mow, Patch here! I love relaxing while Mom gets ready for work 🙂 I used to just sit in the hallway near here, but recently, I have found a new amazing spot that is quiet and I can still see when she leaves. Since I sleep on her pillow, I wake up when she gets out of bed. It is very nice to get some extra zzzz’s while making sure I am by her side!

2 thoughts on “(March SOL) Relaxing during the morning routine

  1. It’s always good to know that your cat is keeping an eye on you (especially if you notice before you turn on the shower!). I have one who likes to put her pom pom balls (her favorite toy) in the tub and chase them around, and then gives me the look that says,”What?! I’m just playing here. Go away!”

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