(March SOL) The “real” rules of the road

  • Drive with your brights on at night on the freeway (people love to see spots as you get closer!)
  • Brake randomly (it really keeps the other drivers in check)
  • Tailgating is a must

I have noticed that people do whatever they want when they drive – driving with your brights on is a big one at night. On the mountains, there were so many people who would be right behind my car (tailgating of course) and blinding me. I get that it’s dark and you need to see, but you are supposed to turn off your brights as you approach other cars! Braking is also a thing that some drivers do when no one around them is braking – I think they just feel like they should, but if everyone is driving smoothly and one guy just slams on his brakes (and there isn’t an obstruction or main reason), it just stresses me out. Tailgating is the number one thing that people feel the need to do…why must you try and morph your car into mine by practically being on top of my bumper?! You are meant to have almost half a car length between you and the car in front. Also, go around if you think I’m too slow.

This ends my rant for the day. Thank you.

  • 3 thoughts on “(March SOL) The “real” rules of the road

    1. I can definitely relate to this post! We might not have mountains here in Illinois, but apparently, the need for brights is still necessary, even when we’re on the main road. 🙃

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