(March SOL) Furry Friends Friday

I am all about cuddles from fluffy animals. There is something so soothing about snuggling up with your pet after work 🙂 I have been watching my sister’s cat as well, which means more furry love!! Both Kitten (my sister’s cat) and Patches (my baby) come running to the door when you get home to show how much they missed you. I think it is very interesting to have cats that care about you in ways that are more like a dog. Yay Kitten and Patches! They are both so cute – but do not try a play date! It will be a disaster 😮

8 thoughts on “(March SOL) Furry Friends Friday

  1. I hear ya! I have three dogs, and you can’t do anything but face the joy when you walk in the door. It’s pretty nice to have something on earth love you oh so much!

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  2. I had a very hard time getting out of bed this morning because of the snuggles! I have a couple of cats who always run to the door to greet me when I get home too. It’s so sweet! One of those was at the vet last week and when he got home, he ran around greeting each of the other cats with a loud chortle and a nose touch. They were less impressed, but I thought it was amazing. These are two beautiful kitties! Thanks for sharing photos!

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  3. Beautiful cats! I’ve had many cats through the years that greeted me when I came home just like dogs. My current cat seems to know what time of day my boyfriend comes home from work too and will start waiting at the door.

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