Kids Know Best

Even though March Slice of Life is over (where you write for 30 days straight), it really sparked my writing! I want to keep going every day for a bit 🙂

The children I nanny for used to my Volkswagen Beetle since I drive them around in it 5 days a week. The day before it died (moment of silence please) I showed them how the convertible top works – we were parked in the garage and they thought it was very fun!

Today I picked them up in my new car, and the girl asked me if I could keep my old blue car – and I responded that it doesn’t work anymore so I am selling it. She then replied, “can you keep it to sit in with the top down?”

This really made me laugh! How cute to think of just keeping it on the street and sitting in it with the top got me thinking that maybe I should just hang out in it 😂

3 thoughts on “Kids Know Best

  1. I’m imagining the people in the neighborhood, driving past you in your car that doesn’t work with the top down, then texting other neighbors asking, “As she lost her mind??”

    Oh, what fun mental imagery! Thank you for the slice and the smile! 🙂

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