March Music!

The Top 12 playlist for March has a mixture of upbeat dance songs, instrumentals, and some in between. As always, the songs are on the sidebar so you can listen and feel free to let me know your favorites 🙂

  • “World Wide Funk” Bootsy Collins (hooked by the unique intro!)
  • “Dabari” Songhoy Blues (get out your dancing shoes :p)
  • “From the Bones to the Fossils” Golden Hornet (intricate instrumental piece)
  • “Nothing as it seems” Gordi (beautiful and catchy)
  • “In the Garage” Jungle Giants (fun instrumental)
  • “Morning Comes” Sasami (unique)
  • “Stella” Mountain Man (interesting lyrics)
  • “Watch Me Read You” Odette (poetry with a good beat!)
  • “The Joint” The RH Factor (so smooth)
  • “The Sea” Many Rooms (fills your mind with images)
  • “The Waltz of the Monsters” Yann Tierson (makes me smile)
  • “The Troubles” U2 (repetitive in a good way)

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