Shepherd’s Pie is good sustenance!

Scrumptious smells fill the house as tomatoes, carrots, onions, and garlic stew together in the frying pan. Potatoes are boiling and ready to be mashed in a few minutes. Don’t forget the vegetarian baked beans!

Shepherd’s Pie has been a classic in my house since I was very little. My mom is from England and loves to create this home-cooked staple. A few weeks ago, I was watching The Family Cooking Showdown and there was a whole episode that featured Shepherd’s Pie. It made me think of cooking some myself. Nathan is a vegetarian, so the main ingredient of lamb/beef was taken out of my recipe. It was a very fun, surprisingly simple, dish to make – Nathan, who had never eaten it before, said it was DELICIOUS 😀 I will definitely be making again for us!

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