PRESENTING…the woman with her own classroom!

This just in… as of the beginning of June, Ms. Galloway has been given the opportunity to take the bull by its horns and will be teaching second/third grade all by herself! 

I am thrilled to announce that I will FINALLY be doing what I love and in charge of planning everything 😀

For the past two years, I was an assistant where I would teach when the leads were absent – last year, I taught two subjects year round and this year, I only taught consistently for a few months. It got very monotonous and by Spring Break, I needed to leap into having my own classroom. After many (many) applications, tens of interviews, and a few demo-lessons, I was picked..woo!

The end of the school year and applying to jobs is in part why I didn’t blog in June. Since summer started, I have been lesson planning and organizing/setting up my classroom…I love being able to say that :p I am going away on vacation at the end of this week and won’t be back until a few days before school starts in August – since this is my first official year teaching, I want to make sure that I feel prepared and comfortable. These trips were planned in advance and I also don’t want to stress about work while traveling. 

Now let’s share some pictures! My classroom theme is MUSIC and Patches makes a few appearances (as you would expect ha).

“LET YOUR STORY SING” is the title for my Writing bulletin board. I hand-cut the letters (with Nathan’s help) out of some of his old sheet music.
My classroom library! After meticulously sorting the books in the room into Chapter Books, Non-fiction books, Fiction books, Fairy Tales, and Easy Readers, I decided to color code them too (the books have colored stickers that match the tub)
“Pick a book and rock your world” is the title for the Reading bulletin board. I plan to take pictures of the students with their favorite book during the first week of school to fill the wall 🙂 Patches wanted to make sure he was the first photo with a book!
This is a poster of Patches when he realized that music had changed his life. is a program that allows you to choose a picture and it splits it into full-page sections, so you can create a blown up version (it’s really cool!)

This will be on a wall with my records surrounding it and a quote incorporating “Put your records on…let your hair down” by Corinne Bailey Rae.

I plan to put the finishing touches on the bulletin boards this week, and there will be many posts to come!

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