Yearning for Yosemite

Every year for Mother’s Day, my family goes to Yosemite with family friends for the weekend – last year, Nathan and I were not able to go due to timing of Nathan’s finals for grad school. BUT a few weekends ago, we took a half day on the Friday and drove 5 hours to the most beautiful National Park 😀 The minute we park the car, there is an instant relaxation and zen of the mind. The view of Yosemite Falls is in the parking lot (extremely fortunate 😮 ), and we are surrounded by positivity from the group.

The first evening was mainly enjoying everyone’s company over some drinks, and bonding with my grandmother who I have not seen in far too many years. We then woke up at 8 the next morning and went for a bike ride with the “kids” (we are all in our late 20s or early 30s). Followed by a hike around lower Yosemite Falls which led into the mist trail – the wind was so powerful that with each gust, we were getting soaked!

We then decided to walk back to the hotel, after realizing that it would take longer in the shuttle due to traffic. Our night ended with S’mores at one of the “kids” campsites, and realizing that we want to camp later this year.

Sunday started with basking in the sun on the hotel room balcony in the woods with the whole group back together again. We all shared stories from the day before since everyone parted into smaller groups for the hikes. Before it was time for Nathan and I to drive back, my family (Dad, Mom, Nathan, Nanny, and myself) went to a brunch in one of the iconic hotels – which was a wonderful wrap-up of the weekend 🙂

Being surrounded by that much nature and wonder makes me feel so grounded. Real life just slipped away for a few days. It was just what we needed to make it through the last month of the school year and TV show season!

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