London Calling! (Europe Trip 2019 – Day 1)

It all started by saying bye to the lovely fluff, Pappy, and then we were zooming to the airport.

We arrived in good time, and ate some food – I in turn took the first of three nausea pills I would take..long story but without these, like clockwork, I am sick about halfway through the flights overseas and then for a few days, let’s just say it isn’t pretty. BUT I have found a pill that conquers all! The actual flight went by fairly quickly (spent by chatting with the guy next to us who lived in London and had been in a poker tournament in Vegas, playing this silly goat game on Nathan’s phone, watching Star Wars ep. 5 and 6, and listening to a podcast) 😀 We then had an adventure trying to find our uber driver who was at a different terminal than us, but his patience of nearly 30 minutes really showed us how different England culture is compared to LA where 5 minutes causes a cancellation. 

Mia greeted us with a big hug and we quickly changed into something a bit fancier before being whisked off to afternoon tea at the Strand Palace. Nathan, Ryan, and Mia went with English Breakfast tea and I had a floral tea which was very nice and soothing after our long journey. They were  very accomodating and gave Nathan a whole stack of his own sandwiches – we enjoyed the salmon, cucumber, ham and cheese toastie, and beetroot sammies. And of course, the desserts were delish (lemon meringue pies, chocolate bombs, and strawberry cream puddings)! 

Following the tea, we went to see Henry IV Part I at Shakespeare’s Globe. It felt so surreal because we stood right near the stage, like common folk ha. I did end up needing to shift my weight from time to time, but it was an excellent show full of laughs (mainly from Fallstaf). We wandered the gift shop and I found a Shakespeare duck holding a scroll that says “To quack or not to quack” 😮

After making it until midnight (London time), Nathan and I did the math and realized we had been up for almost 24 hours – we left at 5:10 LA time on Friday, landed at 4 am LA time, and then pushed on until about 2 pm on Saturday!

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