Winchester Awaits (Europe Trip 2019 – Day 2)

Since I was a child, we visited Winchester with my Nana and fed the ducks off the pond in Abbey Gardens. It was such a quintessential part of growing up, which meant I felt the urge to show Nathan! We took the overground train for an hour and enjoyed seeing the landscape slowly change from the city of London into the more rustic British countryside. 

We were on a mission to get some lunch when we arrived and found a nice pub in the town. The Cricket World Cup and Wimbledon were both on, which felt like the perfect way to immerse ourselves in th culture! We each grabbed a pint – I found a really scrumptious pomegranata/strawberry cider called Old Mout, which is shocking because I usually avoid ciders since I have noticed that they taste too much like beer; however, this one opened up the possibilities 🙂 Right away, I found the perfect thing to go with this: cheese and onion chutney toastie and chips with vinegar! Nathan enjoyed his veggie sausage and mash.

We continued our journey and saw Jane Austin’s house where she lived her final days. You aren’t allowed in, but the outside was very quaint and I could just imagine her writing novels while looking for inspiration out the window.

There is a peaceful path along the back of Winchester Cathedral near the river – it was filled with memories and strolling along was all we needed to settle in on our second day! We bought some seeds for the ducks as well as Jammie Dodgers and Jaffa cakes, which we delved into on a bench watching Mother Goose and her young floating along 🙂

Even though we were strolling around, the day just zoomed by and we really got a workout in 😮

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