Reminiscing and relevant (Day 7 of 365) #blogaday

When I decided to complete the #blogaday challenge for 2020, I was reminded of the first time I finished it successfully during graduate school. It was a great way for me to process student teaching and find interesting lessons to use. I went digging on my old blog NewTeachrTips and just like a hidden time capsule, there it was! 4 years ago, I wrote the first of 365 posts in the middle of the student teaching term in which you take on half day of teaching (two to three subjects).

Now, I have been out of school for 3 years, have my own classroom teaching Kindergarten – this is my first year and full-time teaching. I was co-teaching for the past two years and then substitute teaching before that. It seems like a different life when I was still in graduate school learning from other teachers and being assessed three times a term. Having a job versus being in college matures you in numerous ways. I pay bills, own a car, have an apartment (not school housing), among other things that I can’t think of right now ha.

Feel free to read the original first post of 365 posts and learned about parts of my past life… 😮

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