Zooming around during Zumba (Day 8 of 365) #blogaday

Dancing has always had a place in my heart – I did jazz for years and some salsa classes. I did zumba 4 days a week in college at the gym, and now I do line dancing on occasion.

I also do zumba some Saturdays with a friend, but it usually ends up being once a month. I miss it!

Tonight, I decided that my zumba rut would change. I went to the gym I belong to after having some time relaxing at home. It was really great! The instructor was very smiley, it wasn’t too complex (one song was a bit fast), and I feel like I got a full body workout. I think the Wednesday class will become a regular and I want to try the Thursday class with a different instructor to see which one I like better.

I know that some people think zumba is just cardio and that it is silly, but I love dancing the stress out and laughing if I mess up. Also smiling is a great source of energy 🙂

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