With creativity, change can occur (Day 15/365)

Sammy never thought of the day in which the ducks would take her father away. He had always talked so highly of them helping him during worrisome nights at sea. I guess it was his destiny to get lost and hers to find out how.

This is the last three sentences of my four page story so far. I have been writing on the baby blue typewriter for the past few nights after work. This story just came to me and has really blossomed into something I truly enjoy. I used to write imaginative plays or short stories often on play dates as a kid, but haven’t brought it back into my life.

Especially with the stresses that some days teaching can bring, this story is a way to get sucked into a world I created and feel really proud. I have been reading it to Nathan after each night of writing and he really likes where the plot is going. Something about writing can help make you happier, even if you aren’t reflecting on what is bothering you.

Look out for more blurbs from my story!

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