Another Excerpt from MY STORY (30/365) #blogaday

Earlier this month, I shared that I was writing a fantasy “book” and posted the last thing I had written (feel free to click the link to read it!)

Today, I have written another two pages – went on a few week break after that last part due to being busy and getting sucked into TV..ugh.

Rather than having to explain who the characters are in order for today’s section to make sense, I thought I would share one of my favorite parts – Nathan also had me read this out loud twice after I wrote it 🙂

Mr Stane told stories like they were poetry. He had a vivid imagination and knew what parts of his trade to leave out. Every month, Sammy would sit by a handmade fire with her father as he told her of his adventures on the one night he was home. “Last night I was nearly swept off to sea like a dandelion in the wind. If it weren’t for the ducks quacking on Vicanosia, I might not have found my way home to you. The night sky was darker than normal, like the eye of a tornado. It turned and confused me on my ship… According to the stars and the sound of the splashing waves, I need to be off.”

This part was fun to write because I got to use similes and visual imagery in my creative piece – there is of course more where I put the ellipses and before he says he must go, however, I wanted to emphasize the poetry.

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