Celebrity Conversations (29/365) #blogaday

Yesterday I was at an event where my favorite actor from Scrubs was also attending..! He was standing next to me almost the whole night but I couldn’t get the courage to say anything 😮 It just seemed awkward or like it would be forced unless we casually started talking. But when the night was almost over, I knew I would regret it if I didn’t say how much I loved him as Turk and introduce myself. As he walking out, I literally went to the other side of the house to get a picture (there were too many people in between us for me to get through in an efficient manner).

Here is my less than two minute conversation: “I’m so sorry to do this since I know you are trying to leave, but I love you as Turk on Scrubs and I was wondering if we could get a picture?” (I can’t remember his exact words but he said yes and was very chill about it!) He also introduced himself as Donald and I said I’m Hannah 🙂

It is strange that once you have idolized someone, you can’t talk to them normally. Nathan’s friends were casually going up to other celebrities and doing a quick intro or saying “good job” for what they are currently working on – I just couldn’t do it like that. I am very happy that I made myself meet him though because I was giddy all night and my dad freaked out when I told him haha! His exact words were “get out!” Moral is that even if you are nervous, celebrities are usually chill and nice to you for being a fan.

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