Paying Attention to Authors (36/365) #blogaday

Now that I’ve started writing a novel of sorts, I have been noticing authors who I’m pulling from for inspiration. I am currently reading “Good Omens” by Terry Pratchett and Neil Gaiman, which uses breaking the third wall by talking directly to the reader at times. I find myself using that technique without trying to borrow the concept.

For example-> Sammy was turning fourteen this year for her birthday and she was ready. If you were paying close attention earlier, you should remember that I said Sammy Stane (“Stanay”) was twelve and if you can count, you must be thinking that she should be turning thirteen this year.

Also-> *Disclaimer* we could write a whole book on the ducks, but you will learn all you need when the time is right.

Two of my friends have written novels that they plan to publish and might make a career out of being an author some day, so I have some insights into planning out the book and flushing out characters. I remember my roommate at the time had lots of notecards and was reading books on how to develop characters. Right now, I want to get the ideas out and then I can reorganize and see what needs more plot/character development.

My dad used to read Terry Pratchett to me as a child before bed – “Wee Free Men” was my favorite! I might reread it as an adult to see if there are any techniques I could use for imagery or building my characters.

Pulling from authors who prose you personally like to read helps because they are great inspiration for finding your tone and voice. I have always been more drawn to fantasy when I used to write stories and plays in middle/high school, so I’m hoping that I can really make this project into something!

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