The temperament of children (37/365) #blogaday

Today there were a few children whose mood swings happened quickly and about very small things.

For example, one boy was playing with trucks and there is a big one that carries the small cars. He had used this big truck in the morning and it was now after lunch. Another child wanted to use the big truck, so I came over to intervene and said “you used it this morning and most of yesterday. It’s time to share” and gave it to the other kid. The boy then continued to grab on my arm and yank at me while crying and saying to give it back. I of course ignored this behavior and helped other students while dragging him with me.

Another girl did not want to go to the after school program today (she goes every day so it should be routine by now..) – I told her that I understood but that she didn’t have a choice because mom and dad work and can’t get her right now. She then started saying “I don’t want to go” over and over and threw herself on the ground. I then had to pick her up and walk her over to the after school area as she is still having a tantrum.

It is interesting what can set off one child and how another child could care less if they had to share the truck or go to aftercare. You could say I am exhausted today and glad tomorrow is Friday.

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