Concerts can cure (38/365) #blogaday

After a rough week, music is such a great way to forget and really get sucked in. Last night, Nathan and I went to see one of my favorite groups called Lucky Chops 🙂 They are a funk brass band with saxophonists, trombone, trumpet, drums, and a contrabass. It was such a fun night!!

My fave song “Coco”
Their take on “Funkytown” and “I feel good”
Their take on “Danza Kaduro”
Support group (Top Shelf Brass) doing “I want you back”

5 thoughts on “Concerts can cure (38/365) #blogaday

  1. Love getting to live music. The soul just drinks this stuff in! Our problem, we don’t get much like this in the middle of nowhere Iowa! lol

    Thanks for sharing! It was an uplifting post for sure (and I have a new band to follow on YouTube!). 🙂

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