Trading grades for Teaching 59/365 #blogaday MARCH SOL 3/31

This year, I have been all over the place in terms of teaching at my current school. I was originally in grade 2 and then due to a credential, I got moved to kindergarten where I have been since about end of October.

Now, the 3/4 teacher is leaving for a few weeks for a family emergency and I am being put into his space to cover. I am a bit nervous but hoping that the opportunity pays off! Next year the principal sees me teaching 4/5 and so if I can handle this class for the few weeks, then I will have shown that I should be a success in that grade next year.

This class has more boys who often push back, so I’m hoping they can be put in their place this week and that they will listen. I know it will be tough stepping in for someone else’s class, it’s kind of like substituting – I’m prepared for anything..

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