Acupuncturist Tells All (60/365) #blogaday MARCH SOL 4/31

First off, the quote posted on the Slice of Life resonated with me today

Today is my 60th straight day of blogging!! I have been completing the #blogaday challenge that I finished back in 2015 when in graduate school. After March Slice of Life challenge, I will almost be at 100 posts 🙂 This quote makes sense to me because the more I blog, the easier it is to find something to write about – the habit of writing every day will bring more consistency.

For my 60th personal post of 365 and 4th post of 31, I want to write about my acupuncturist. I have had tight neck and shoulders for almost a decade now and it first started with my back spazzing randomly – in college, I had a physical therapist who would massage or strengthen different parts of my back. She also gave me stretches to do. After years and years of stretching, I wanted some other to help my chronic aches and pains.

A few of my friends mentioned that they do acupuncture or did some treatments when they got injured, so I thought I would give it a try once I noticed that it was covered by my insurance. I do feel looser and my state of mind is mostly calmer, which is helpful for stress and anxiety.

The past few visits she has been making statements about how I feel which astound me because she is right! Just from taking my pulse and looking at my tongue, she can tell that my day was more stressful. She has a great sense of rapid breathing or quickened heartbeat. Even on the weekends, she knows if I was didn’t sleep very well or had stomach issues just by noticing different muscles. Apparently the redness of your tongue can indicate lack of sleep as well as stress.. who knew?!

I am very happy with my acupuncturist and her overall vibe and breathing/stretching techniques she gives me to try at home. She is big on calming the mind and body before working on the muscles or nerves.

8 thoughts on “Acupuncturist Tells All (60/365) #blogaday MARCH SOL 4/31

    1. I was nervous the first time too but as long as you keep breathing, it really only hurts when the muscle is tight and they are used to nervous people or newbies like I was. Thank you!


  1. Hi Hannah!

    Thank you for your comments on my posts!
    I, too, had a great experience with acupuncture before. At that time my both legs were very tight and I easily got tired after walking for a while. But only one needle did magic! It’s great, sounds like you have a wonderful acupuncturist.

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