Colors, colours, colores 63/365 #blogaday MARCH SOL 7/31

Today I went to a Color Festival with my friend – we had no idea what to expect! It was in honor of Holi which is for the arrival of Spring in Hindu culture. There was so much positive energy and fun in the crowd 😀

We wore gym clothes because we knew it involved being covered in colors at some point. When we first arrived, we were like sitting ducks – within five minutes, people were throwing different colored powders at us. We were too clean haha.

Every hour there was a group throwing of the colors. It was mostly bands playing music and people dancing around while throwing colors sporadically. The best were children who had a bag of color 🙂 They would sneak up to you and just giggle as they threw some!

7 thoughts on “Colors, colours, colores 63/365 #blogaday MARCH SOL 7/31

    1. Most people didn’t throw it directly in your faces unless you asked and you just close your eyes. The orange got in my eye cuz I wasn’t prepared but I just blinked and my eye watered to get it out. It was very fun overall


  1. I know my cousin has run in a color run before where there was the color “fight” at the finish line. It looks like so much fun. Better yet does it stain your clothes in all those pretty colors, or does it wash out?

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