Laughs last (64/365) #blogaday MARCH SOL 8/31

I was listening to this podcast called “Orbiting Human Circus” and it’s a fantasy story – but there are some moments that really connect to real life and I love it! The main character, Julian, is so innocent and pure that the way he sees life often makes me think.

On Friday, I was listening and there was a section in which the character hears a song and interprets the meaning to be “only the moments that we laugh together last. Those will be the moments you can go back to. They’ll always be there.”

This resonated me because memories that hold strong from childhood, a few years ago, or even earlier this week are often ones in which an emotion was triggered. Laughter sets off stimuli and associates happiness that could allow you to recall the memory better.

I think the more laughter we have in life, the happier one can become. The simple act of smiling wakes up endorphins and can alter one’s mood. Keep on smiling and find ways to laugh throughout your days 🙂

Here is the episode I’m referring to if you want to check it out! Orbiting Human Circus episode 6

8 thoughts on “Laughs last (64/365) #blogaday MARCH SOL 8/31

  1. I had a yoga teacher that was asking us to smile even when we were angry or sad. It actually works. Every time I catch myself frowning, I switch to a smile, even if it’s forced. It does the trick. Your post reminded me that I have to do it more often :). Thanks!

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  2. You got a very important point, Hannah! I tell my students too especially on a Monday morning when they come to school with a sleepy crabby face that even if you’re tired or there’s nothing to smile about right now, make your smile face and it will help you feel happy about something. 🙂 Thank you for this important reminder for us!

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