Freeway Fun (76/365) #blogaday MARCH SOL 20/31

There was something exhilarating about zooming down the mostly empty highway today and yesterday.

I have done the drive more than a few times with my parents, Nathan, and friends but I had never done it alone. I thought timing might be an issue or finding enough things to do.

I started off the drive with music, some story podcasts that I had to catch up on, calling my mom a few times, All Songs considered episodes, and the audiobook (Jack Reacher novel). I made it safely to my hotel in 9.5 hours, showered and passed out lol.

Today the drive was utterly painless! It was less than half what I did yesterday and mostly straight – there was a lot of mountain terrain on the first half. I listened to a few episodes of a quiz show, and one and a a half episodes of another story podcast.

It was really nice to be listening to so many different kinds of things 🙂 And being out on the road when times are getting more and more bleak – my home state is now on shelter in place.. I wish everyone well

6 thoughts on “Freeway Fun (76/365) #blogaday MARCH SOL 20/31

  1. I’m glad your drive went well. I’m not driving nearly as far as you, and even then I notice a difference. And there’s nothing like good music or a good audiobook to keep you going. Glad you’ve arrived safely, too.

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  2. Glad you had a safe ride there. Our governor says she doesn’t want a shelter in place order. She says Iowans can do the right things, like staying home. I don’t necessary have as much faith as she does. We are up to 90 cases in the state now. Stay healthy!

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