Proceeding with the Rough Puff Pastry Plan! (82/365) #blogaday MARCH SOL 26/365

My morning started by precisely measuring 1/2 inch butter slices with a ruler, and ended with eating delicious buttery crust on a savory ricotta tomato and mushroom tart.

Baking is a very cool process because you start with some flour and butter and it becomes something edible after some fine tweaking and in this case, quite a few hours. I decided to make rough puff pastry today 🙂 It has always excited me because it is a pretty complicated process and is often on “Bake Off” – you have to fold the dough over and over and chill it for 30 mins in order to make layers with the butter spread throughout.

I was nervous but once the dough came out of the fridge, I could see the layers in the folds! Then I found a savory recipe that was fairly simple since it had been from 11:30 to about 3 with the dough getting ready. I rolled it out then blind baked with pasta as a weight and then added the mixture. My parents and I ate it for dinner and it was very yummy. I’m glad the days work was a success 😮

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